History of the Royal Bath Hotel

The Royal Bath Hotel has always enjoyed a wealth of history that most other hotels fail to match. This hotel was the very first hotel opened in the seaside resort and carries its ‘Royal’ title as it was opened on the same day as Queen Victoria’s Coronation, 28th June 1838. Despite its grandiose structure and luxurious status the hotel was requisitioned during the second world war, as many large buildings were at the time, for use as military housing. The hotel was previously known as The De Vere Royal Bath Hotel as it was owned by the De Vere hotel group, and the hotel was briefly on sale before being sold to the Britannia group in April 2012 as part of a £20 million deal. The Royal Bath Hotel has previously held a five star rating, but still exudes quality and luxury given its current official AA four-star rating. Given its heritage and luxurious status, the hotel’s guest list has included many famous names such as Oscar Wilde, Benjamin Disraeli, DH Lawrence, Sir Richard Branson, Sting, and Kevin Keegan.