Hallmark Hotel Bournemouth East Cliff

The Hallmark Hotel Bournemouth East Cliff is a stunning 4-star hotel that is situated in the stunning coastal town of Bournemouth. Equipped with a dramatic cliff top view of the ocean and seven miles of honey blonde beach at its doorstep, the hotel offers its guests access to romantic seaside scenery along with luxury facilities at a competitive prices. The East Cliff is one of the best located hotels in the town as it is only a short walk from both the historical Jurassic Coast and the centre of Bournemouth itself, giving residents access to a bustling shopping district by day or vibrant nightlife in the evenings.

To book a room at the Bournemouth East Cliff Hallmark Hotel then contact a member of staff on their main reception telephone number 0330 028 3412. For other general enquires please use the Online Support Form found on the official Hallmark website so that you can receive an email in response to the question that you have raised.

If you are travelling to the hotel by car then you should take note of their full postal address to help find your way when using a SatNav device: Hallmark Hotel Bournemouth East Cliff, East Overcliff Drive, Bournemouth, BH1 3AN, United Kingdom.

Parking at East Cliff

Although free on-site car parking is available, it is designated on a first-come, first-served basis meaning that guest spaces are often very limited. However if East Cliff parking is full then visitors are encouraged to use spaces at the sister Hallmark Hotel, the Carlton Hallmark, which is only 150 metres away.

4-Star Luxury

The AA has officially awarded the Bournemouth East Cliff Hallmark Hotel a 4-star rating, praising its panoramic views of the Jurassic coast and luxurious appointed bedrooms that include a consistently high attention to detail with many suites coming with access to their own private balcony. Truly the East Cliff is a surefire way to enjoy a riviera lifestyle without the need of international travel.


Spa Facilities

A stay at the Bournemouth East Cliff Hallmark Hotel would not complete without enjoying the full range of spa facilities on offer. Guests can either relax at the East Cliff itself or take advantage of the complete set of treatments available just next door, at the Carlton, a sister Hallmark Hotel in Bournemouth. Expert staff and luxury products such as the latest range of essential oils ensure that visitors bodily aches are soothed in a blissful experience whether during a full body massage or even facial. For a full list of the spa treatments available along with the range of beauty therapies then please then please consult the Hallmark Hotel Dining at the Hotel Restaurant

Guests at the East Cliff Hallmark Hotel will be treated to en excellent dining experience at a restaurant that prides itself on a seasonal menu with dishes from around the globe. For instance the East Cliff blends British classics with a European fine dining experience when serving continental dishes made with freshly caught seafood from the Southern coast. However you do not have to be an overnight guest to enjoy the dining facilities at the East Cliff Hotel as the restaurant is open to anyone looking for a delectable meal. Fir instance the Hallmark East Cliff is popular with locals looking to celebrate a special occasion in a beautiful environment and with sensational food. As always you should contact the East Cliff on the hotel’s main reception telephone number 0330 028 3412 to make your reservations in advance to your stay.