Durley Dean Hotel Reviews

The Durley Dean Hotel and Spa is a historic Victorian townhouse hotel, situated close to the golden beaches of Bournemouth, and a tourist favourite in the summer. Here, we have collated feedback from over 1,000 reviews found on TripAdvisor, a website that has granted the Durley Dean an average score of 3.5 stars out of 5. Notably, most guest reviews fall under the ‘very good’ or excellent’ category, with a recent guest praising the hotel for it’s cleanliness, and brilliant food, that of which has been described as the best they have received from a hotel. Other reviews share this opinion, and make a point to compliment the staff for their friendly and helpful demeanour.

Furthermore, previous guests have complimented the hotel on its fantastic location, with its proximity to the seven-mile stretch of golden south coast beaches. In fact, many rooms offer sea views, which has been a highlight of the reviews featured on the TripAdvisor website. However, negative reviews have tended to criticise the hotel for its hight car park costs, which is set at a charge of £10 per night.

If you would like to consult any of the TripAdvisor reviews before making your booking, you can do so on the website’s Durley Dean Hotel page. Alternatively, if you have any query about the hotel, or would simply like to flag up a cause of concern that you have after reading a bad review, then please contact them directly on their reception contact number 01202 557 711.